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Welcome to The Brand Hall of Fame

The Brand Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring the architects of brands that have not only endured but thrived, making a significant mark on society and the industry.
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The Brand Hall of Fame Charter

In October 2023, an extraordinary initiative was unveiled to recognize the paragons of marketing; specifically, the architects of brands that have stood the test of time and left an indelible mark on society.

We announced a Brand Hall of Fame to prestigiously honor achievement, excellence and fame in building North America’s most notable brands.

A Brand Hall of Fame does not yet exist. Such a forum is vital for three reasons:

Recognition of Excellence:
We must acknowledge and celebrate organizations that have consistently demonstrated courage, creativity, and innovation in the field of branding and marketing.

Preservation of Legacy:
The Hall of Fame immortalizes the contribution and impact of these brands by documenting and preserving their achievements.

Education of Future Leaders:
We aspire to inform future generations of business and marketing professionals by showcasing exemplary strategies that led to Hall of Fame-worthy success

Inclusion in the Brand Hall of Fame provides four core benefits:

Permanence: Each inductee receives the prestigious Brand Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and is permanently recognized via a variety of Hall of Fame assets.

Education: We support professional learning events, mentorship programs, and scholarships to nurture the next generation of marketing leaders.

Connections: Inductees have exclusive access to networking events, allowing them to connect with fellow Hall of Famers and industry leaders.

Artifacts: Iconic memorabilia and stories are collected and archived to ensure all remember why the recipient’s inclusion is warranted.

The Brand Hall of Fame is not a one-time accolade, it’s a ongoing testament to the enduring legacy of those who have shaped the world of marketing and business.

It’s a beacon of inspiration for us all, urging us to reach new heights of achievement and reimagine what is possible.

Our evaluation criteria is stringent and robust, ensuring only the most deserving nominees grace our hallowed halls. We seek out companies that have achieved enviable levels of emotional attachment and social significance.

We’ve assembled a distinguished panel of relevant experts capable of assessing the blend of art and science that businesses use to increase revenue and relevance. Our selection committee oversee the entire nomination and induction process.
Recognition of Excellence: Celebrating organizations that embody courage, creativity, and innovation in branding and marketing.

Preservation of Legacy: Documenting and immortalizing the remarkable contributions and impacts these brands have made.

Education of Future Leaders: Showcasing strategies of success to inspire and inform the next generation of business and marketing professionals.
Permanence: Inductees are honored with the Brand Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, receiving lasting recognition.

Education: Through events, mentorship, and scholarships, we support the growth of future marketing leaders.

Connections: Exclusive networking opportunities connect inductees with peers and industry leaders.

Artifacts: We collect and archive memorable artifacts to celebrate and remember the achievements of inductees.
The Brand Hall of Fame stands as a continual testament to the enduring legacies of those who have revolutionized marketing and business. It's more than an accolade; it's a source of inspiration, urging us all to aim higher and reimagine our potential.

Brand Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

Nominees don’t need to be category leaders, but they do need to be unquestionably successful for a prolonged period of time. The selection criteria for honorees is comprehensive and reflective of the multifaceted qualities that define marketing mastery and business achievement, including these ten proof points:

1. Longevity: Nominees must have a minimum of 25 years of operations.

2. Pervasiveness: More than regional relevance, honored brands must have evidence of successfully navigating and influencing diverse markets on an national scale.

3. Vision: Develop visionary marketing strategies that have not only driven business success but have also set new standards for the industry.

4. Courage: Demonstrated innovation and creativity in branding, marketing campaigns, and business practices, showcasing a willingness to push boundaries and explore new frontiers.

5. Resilience: Proven ability to adapt to changing market dynamics, navigate challenges, and showcase resilience in the face of adversity.

6. Ethical: Demonstrated commitment to ethical business practices, integrity, and social responsibility in both marketing strategies and overall business operations.

7. Cultural Impact: Clear evidence of the positive impact of their brand(s) on the lives of consumers, communities, and society at large.

8. Financial Performance: Evidence of sustained financial success and growth, demonstrating the efficacy of marketing strategies in achieving business objectives.

9. Customer Engagement: Enviable levels of customer advocacy, including word of mouth, willingness to forgive, and defending the brand to others.

10. Employee Engagement: Above average levels of employee satisfaction, indicating a holistic approach to brand management that considers internal stakeholders and culture.


When is the induction ceremony?

The Induction ceremony happens annually in Banff Alberta at The Gathering Summit, October 23-25, 2024. The induction takes place at the awards ceremony on Friday, October 25th at 7pm. 

Please join us as we seek out and celebrate the luminaries of our industry, those individuals and organizations who have crafted legacies of marketing mastery and business achievement that have shaped the very landscape of commerce and culture.

Tickets available here:


Become a Brand Hall of Fame Sponsor

The Brand Hall of Fame presents an exclusive chance for sponsors to align their brands with the world’s most pioneering and esteemed brands. As a sponsor, you’ll benefit from the prestige and recognition that comes with The Brand Hall of Fame. To discover the sponsorship opportunities available and how your brand can become part of this distinguished celebration, please submit a request for information here:

Become a Partner

We look forward to exploring how we can partner to highlight your brand alongside the legends of the industry.

How can I nominate?

If you’d like to nominate your brand or a brand you follow, submit your nomination here: Nominate a Brand

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